Frequently Asked Questions

Frequent Questions About Our Facebook Hacking Service

This website provides automated password hacking service.We accept requests to hack facebook online. We process each hack request separately and hack the password.

The website is linked to a service request form.Once we receive a request to hack a fb account, the system will automatically locate the hts-log file of the facebook account to be hacked.We will then manually unlock the encrypted password file to hack the account password.

99% percent of the hack process is automated.Our online system will automatically locate the encrypted password file of the facebook account to be hacked.Only the decryption part need to be done manually.

It is not a downloadable software to hack facebook account.It is 99% automated online hack application.Our system will simply accepts online requests and then automatically process them.

No. It is not an instant Facebook hack process.Our fb hack process may take few minutes to hours to complete each password hack request.Each request to hack facebook password will be processed automatically to locate the encrypted password file of the account.

Once the password log file is located, it will be manually decrypted/unlocked to make the password visible.Usually unlocking will take 4-5 hours to complete depend upon the number of active log sessions on the Facebook account to be hacked.

Yes. Our servers and online fb hack process are undetectable. We have implemented third party encryption to make the fb account hack process invisible.Third party encryption makes your details confidential.

We provide 100% Guarantee on the hacked password and you can watch the entire password hacking process live while we doing it.We will provide live demo on accessing the account with the hacked password.

We are directly hack the password from the fb account's login file.This how our method differs from other ordinary methods.

Yes. It is a Free Facebook Hack service.The completely automated process is FREE.But there will be a fee of $9.99 against the manual decryption service of the hacked facebook password.

The password file will be manually decrypted to make the password readable.

We accept the payments only through a reputed and well known Payment platform.We will Not receive the money until and unless you verify the password and mark the process as complete.

More over we can provide you with live screen share of hacking fb account and accessing it.This will ensure that you will get 100% genuine password.

In any case if you are not satisfied with the process, you can cancel & get a full refund at any time(as per the refund policy of the payment platform we use).As we said, your money will not reach to us until and unless you mark the process as complete.

We provide manual refund assistance along with our fb hacking service.By which you can take a manual refund anytime upon request to cancel the service.

We use session scraping method for hacking.In this method we use Custom Python code to copy password log file from the account database.

A log file is where the username and password of the account gets stored for a comparison with the original database.A log file is created during an active login session.An active login is required to collect the password.

Our method to hack fb account is completely depends upon the log file of the account.We will need to copy an active session to get the recent log file of the Facebook account to be hacked.

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It is required to have some basic knowledge of using web applications to do hacking by yourself.We do provide live sessions to prove that our faceboook hacking methods works in real time.We provide free live sessions on hack fb account. You can watch and learn the fb hack process from our live sessions.