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How to catch a cheating spouse for $27? why egspy is not another scam?

Cheating on your spouse and having a secret relationship with someone else is now a sequel. A husband or wife having a secret relationship like this uses various smart techniques to hide this relationship from their life partner. Some of such clever methods used to cheat life partner are analyzed here. Along with that, how to reveal such cheating methods using eGspy phone hacker utility and how to catch a cheating spouse can be understood here.

catch a cheating spouse

how to catch a Cheating Spouse  Who Cheats using their Office Phone

There are many cheating spouses who use their office phone as a mean to continue their secret relationship. Since the office phones are not taken home, it is impossible to trace the phone calls and messages coming to it. If you find it difficult to reach your partner on the phone line for a long time while he/she is in the office, it can be a sign of a cheating relationship. But when you ask about it, they dismiss it as business phone calls. Special attention should be paid to such phone calls that continue after the office hours

How to catch a cheating spouse’s secret affair using their office phone

If you know your cheating partner’s office phone number, you can clone that phone device at a very low cost.Through this you can see messages coming to your partner’s office phone, record phone calls and view phone call logs. Along with that, you can view and download the images, videos and other documents stored on this phone.

eGspy phone HACKER utility

eGspy online hacking utility gives you access to a private drop box folder where all the access details will be stored. This folder will be having a categorized view of access details of each app on the target device. You can anonymously use this online utility to hack any mobile phone using the phone number associated with the device. The entire process is remote and does not require any physical interaction with the target device.

catch a cheating spouse

The main advantage of using eGspy online utility is that it does not require any program to be downloaded on to your personal device. Also it does not require any physical interaction with the target device which needs to be hacked. This makes eGspy the safest online tool to hack any phone device. There is zero chance that the target device owner finds out the attempt. The tool directly targets hts log files of each app within the device. These hts log files are collected directly by scraping network session log records of each app. The hts log files are where the username and password will be stored during a login session of each application.


Most of the fake apps that claims to hack a phone device use a direct payment method to accept credit card or bitcoin payments. They will not use any intermediator payment gateways to accept the payment from users. Which means that there is no guarantee that you will receive the service to which you are paying for.

But eGspy uses PayPal as their intermediator payment gateway. PayPal does not provide seller protection for a seller who sells a ‘service’ using their platform. This is because a ‘service’ is an intangible item and its delivery cannot be tracked. In this case, PayPal provides the service BUYERS a purchase guarantee of 180 days through their buyer protection program.

The buyer protection programs protects the buyer’s payment for 180 days from the date of payment. Which means that the buyer have an option to claim a full refund anytime within the 180 days timeframe, if they fail to receive the agreed service. Please go through the below URL to know more about PayPal’s buyer purchase protection program.

Next time when you are going to use a similar application to catch a cheating spouse, please make sure that the application uses a well known intermediator escrow provider to accept the payment. This will give you a guarantee on your payment against the purchase.

Using PayPal as payment intermediator makes eGspy the most safer utility to catch a cheating spouse by hacking in to their online apps. The service delivery is 100% guaranteed and if you fail to receive the service in any case, you can claim a full instant refund by just requesting a refund through PayPal. Below URL will show you how to take full refund in just 2 simple steps.

Sudden office or business  trips is always a suspicious move taken by cheating spouse’s

Business trips made too quickly are often questionable. Trips without proper planning and reasons are one of the regular tricks that cheating spouses use to hide their secret relationships. Such unplanned trips are arranged to avoid unnecessary questions. These sudden trips  gives your cheating partner the opportunity to hide the details of their trip.

It’s a quick  alert to catch a cheating spouse

Catching and avoiding such sneaky sightings on time is essential for your good family life. You can use the help of Google Maps to know the exact travel information of your cheating partner. You can use this facility if your partner is using any Google related app on their phone. Google Maps will be copying your cheating partner’s journeys without their knowledge. This can be used to check their travel history at a later time.

You can use a phone mirroring app to check the Google travel history. This can be also used for checking phone calls , message exchange information and record of voice calls made during your cheating partners journey. Egpy is a phone mirroring app that allows you to monitor any phone from anywhere. With just one phone number you can clone any phone device without the owners knowledge. This is considered as the best method to catch a cheating husband or wife in action.

Secret relationships in the work place

A secret workplace affair is a very common tactic used by cheating spouses. In this kind of cheating, the person in question establishes a secret relationship with a co-worker and hides  it from his or her life partner. This is a very bad trend and  tendency to disregard the love of our life partner will have to pay a heavy price in life.

Such clandestine affairs are usually caused by husband and wife working in two different places. One of the reasons for such relationships is the distance between husband and wife who meet once a month or once a week. Apart from that, the partners who daily see each other also jumps into these kind of secret relationships.

how to avoid infidelty in relationship

The moment your life partner ever realizes about your illicit relationships you will lose your loyalty. This can later become the cause of major marital problems. Your partner will constantly question you. This can lead to the point of leaving the relationship later. Recognizing and correcting such misguided relationships with your cheating partner is essential for a healthy relationship.

With the help of a phone hacking utility it is possible to detect  and correct such misbehavior of your cheating spouse  at the beginning itself. Apps like Egpy can help you with this. Egpy will help you clone your cheating partner’s phone for less than thirty dollar. Through it you can remotely view and record your cheating partner’s messages and phone calls. Try Egpy today.

Maintaining mutual respect and trust is essential for a smooth life relationship. Mutual respect and transparency is the foundation of a good marriage. Giving the cheating partner a chance to make amends and setting the stage for open communication can serve as a reminder not to make similar mistakes in the future. in life Mistakes happen to anyone but when you understand them and are willing to correct them, you become a better human being.

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